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Celticweb Dialup Access

Dialup                more..
Celticweb provides dialup internet access at a low cost of $16.95 per month. Access consist of
Celticweb's dial-up network has hundreds of access points across the continental US and Canada.
For help configuring your computer to connect to Celticweb, check out our Support Section
DSL                more..
Celticweb's DSL service uses digital subscriber line (DSL) technology to deliver high-speed dedicated Internet connections through the copper phone lines already in your building.

Web Hosting                more..
We do web hosting and domain name hosting meaning we can host your web site, and give you email

Co-location                more..
Co-locate your server at Celticweb on our network for $150 per month.

WindowsNT ODBC Access

$20 set-up, $10/Month
10MB dbase,

$20 set-up, $20/Month
11MB -25MB dbase,

$20 set-up, $35/Month
26MB-50MB dbase,

Our dialup connections are high-speed. The backbone architecture is a full 45 Mbps DS3 ATM frame relay network connected by redundant feeds to the Internet in Boston through UUNET and San Francisco through SAAVIS. Peering arrangements at MAE-East, PAC Bell, and the Ameritech Network Access Point (NAP) provides three diverse traffic exchange points to the Internet. And we use centrally-managed carrier quality communications servers that allow access from any speed modem, at most POPs up to V.90.

You should not need to set an IP address or gateway. These will be set automatically.

Note: Please confirm with your local telephone company (generally Bell Atlantic) that the number you are dialing is a local call. Due the tremendous variation in calling areas based on different calling plans, we cannot always answer what is a "local call."

Click here for more info on DNS settings.
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