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Want to run your own server on a fast T1-based internet network?

Co-located servers starting at $150 per month!

You supply the CPU, software, drives, ethernet cable, maintenance, back-ups, insurance, etc. We monitor your server and provide shelf space, 10Base-T Ethernet connection into our high-speed network, and the security of our hosting facility. You get responsive, high-quality customer support and access via appointment to your server. You must bring your own monitor when visiting the facility.

If a simple reboot does not succeed after a server crash, you must arrange to come visit the site and work on the server yourself as we will not work on your server for you.

What you get for $150/month:

 - One Fully static IP address.
(You may have more than one IP per box at $150/per-IP-address)

 - 10Base-T/RJ45 connection.
Get plugged into our fast switched-ethernet network.

 - Multiple DNS-server support.
At Celticweb, 3 dedicated Linux-based BIND8.2-compliant servers, irregardless of your traffic-load, your internet name-resolution is guaranteed.
(Your first two domains are included, and only $5 per domain after that.)

 - Cisco Firewall-set security.
Using the latest Cisco equipment and IOS for our Routers,  we provide real-time security and filtering to avoid hacking attempts such as DoS, mail-spam, etc.

 - SNMP-based Server monitoring.
Celticweb uses the newest network monitoring software and equipment to insure your 24/7 connectivity and error-detection.

 - Shelf space for your CPU either tower (vertical) or desktop (horizontal) configurations.

(Access to the network-location is by appointment only and from 9am to 5pm. After hours visits are $50 per visit.)

Additional features

 - Dialup account(s)
If you need a dialup account to gain TCP/IP access - $15 per month

 - Bulk/Group/Business Accounts
Are you in a large family?  or do you own a small business and don't want to spend thousands of dollars on servers etc? Celticweb offers great reduced prices for multiple domain and email accounts.
(ie:   50+ email accounts, 50+ websites, etc.)

For more information call (617) 734-6684 or email

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