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  DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

Celticweb DSL service is mostly aimed at small to medium businesses but is also available to home users.

Celticweb DSL service provides small to medium businesses with Internet access up to 50 times faster than the typical dial-up modem connection. DSL uses digital subscriber line (DSL) technology to deliver high-speed Internet connections through the copper phone lines already in your building.

DSL delivers more speed, reliability and flexibility than dial-up or ISDN connections and is more cost-effective than ISDN or dedicated leased line services.

If your business is paying between $50 and $100 or more per month for a phone line and phone charges for 56k dialup, it makes sense to switch over to Celticweb DSL and eliminate those charges. Not only can you get more than twice the speed for the same or less money, but your internet connection is ALWAYS on, there is NO dialing required.

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Where is Celticweb DSL available?
Availability depends mostly on your local telephone provider. Please contact Celticweb if you have questions.
Celticweb will be expanding nationwide throughout 2001 and through 2002.

What are the different speed options?
Celticweb DSL provides SDSL services, or Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line, which is a DSL technology in which the downstream/upstream DSL speeds are equal. Celticweb currently provides DSL at speeds from 128 Kbps up to 1.54Mbps

Equipment/Hardware options
What hardware do I need to use DSL?
Celticweb offers the Netopia 7100 router.

Loop Qualification
What if a location does not meet the loop qualification requirements?
Unfortunately, if a location does not meet the loop qualification requirements, you would be unable to obtain DSL Service.

Ordering Process Installation & Implementation
You can expect the following provisioning process for your DSL order:
* You select the service and equipment you want from Celticweb
* Celticweb receives your DSL order and verifies it for accuracy.
* Celticweb then places your order and organizes the provisioning process on your behalf.
* Celticweb then advises you of local loop installation date.
* DSL installation including CPE and inside wiring must be arranged with you.
* A technician arrives at your location and sets-up your DSL service, connects, configures and tests your DSL CPE and service completing your installation

Celticweb will administer all DNS entries.

IP Addresses
Can I use NAT?
Yes. NAT (Network Address Translation) allows you to use as many IP addresses as you would like on internal machines, yet use only a single IP address to connect to external destinations.

If I require IP's, how many IP addresses can I receive?
IP addresses are available for a nominal fee. Celticweb reserves the right to request appropriate documentation as to how the additional IP's will be used.

Inside wiring
What about the inside wiring?
Standard inside wiring shall include up to 100' of wiring and installation of one customary RJ jack.

What about all the DSL companies I hear our going bankrupt?
Celticweb works closely with a wide-selection of upstream DSL providers to insure your connectivity will be stable, and to avoid disconnection because of company closure..

What if I have other questions?
Email or call 617 734 6684

Speed: The upstream (from your computer) and downstream (to your computer) speeds to the Internet are many times faster than conventional dial-up connections.

Reliability: With Celticweb your network is connected to the Internet full time. Celticweb service is always on, just like a T1 circuit or other leased line; just launch your browser and you're on the 'Net.

Flexibility: Bandwidth, the speed at which Internet content is sent to and from your computer, comes in a range of power levels from 144Kbps to 1.54Mbps. Celticweb's bandwidth capacity can be expanded remotely as your business's Internet usage grows with no hardware modifications to your on-premise equipment.

Cost Effectiveness: Since DSL is provisioned over existing phone lines, it costs significantly less per month than a dedicated leased line service such as frame relay or T1 service. DSL is priced on a flat monthly rate; there are no per-minute charges.

Prices will start at $125 per month for128k access plus installation charges.
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