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  Macintosh TCP/IP, DNS  

  • TCP/IP For Open Transport (post MacOS 7.5.3)
  • MacTCP For Classic Mac Networking
Remote Access and TCP/IP For Open Transport

Go to Control Panels and Modem.

Go to Control Panels and Open Appletalk.

Go to Control Panels and Open TCP/IP.

Remote Access
Go to Control Panels and Open Remote Access (or PPP).

Control Strip
You can use the Remote Access Control Strip module to connect and disconnect.

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Install Instructions:
Put MacTCP in the Control Panels Folder within your System Folder.
If you are using System 7 dragging MacTCP onto your System Folder should do this for you.

  • You should install FreePPP before restarting your computer.

  • To make MacTCP & FreePPP available you will have to restart your computer.

Configuring MacTCP
Open the MacTCP control panel and configure it as follows:

  • You will need to have FreePPP installed for the FreePPP option to show up.

  • Select the FreePPP option from the basic screen.

  • Click on the More... button

You will then see this page.
Set it up as follows.


  • Remember to hit OK when you finish, if you hit 'Cancel' the changes will be lost.
NOTE: The address of the gateway will be set when you connect.

MacTCP should now be setup correctly.

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