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The DNS server addresses for Ceticweb are:

  •   -
  •   -
  •   - (optional)

  • Click here to configure your Mac TCP/IP settings
  • Click here to configure your Windows TCP/IP settings

When your computer is connected to the internet, you send out all sorts of requests for information to other computers (servers). In order for information to be sent back to you, your computer needs to somehow identify itself on the internet. This is done with an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address). An IP address is like your telephone number on the internet.

This IP address must somehow be assigned to your computer. When you dial into Celticweb your IP address is dynamically assigned by our servers to your computer. This means that your IP address is different each time you connect.

Computers like to speak to each other in numbers rather than letters and names. We assign names to computers so that we don't have to remember all the numbers. So when your computer tries to connect to or, it needs a way to translate that name into a number. Your computer uses a service called DNS (Domain Name Service) to do this translation. So when your computer wants to connect to, it must first connect to a DNS server and ask it to translate into an IP number. The DNS server tells your computer that is equal to, and then your computer can go ahead and make that connection.
Your computer must have an IP address of a DNS server already entered into it's TCP/IP settings. There are many DNS servers. We give you the IPs of our DNS servers. We give you a primary DNS server and a secondary in case the primary is ever down.

If you are interested in moving/creating a domain-name to be hosted by Celticweb, below is the needed information for the InterNIC (or) Network-Solutions when registering/updating your domain-name(s):

  • Celticweb NIC-Handle:    RM5832

There is a possibility that sometimes these IP-addresses may change, to keep yourself up-to-date with Celticweb Network settings, check back with us from time to time.


On your PC or Mac you have a place where you can set your TCP/IP settings.

Click here to configure your Mac TCP/IP settings

On a PC you should find these settings when you go to:

Start > Programs > Accessories > Dialup Networking

Here you should see your Celticweb connection. Click on it with your right mouse and select properties. You will then see a selection for Server Types. Go there.

The first thing you should see is "Win95, WinNT, PPP"
Make sure it is PPP and not SLIP

Then you will see a number of check boxes. The ones that should NOT be checked are:

Log on to network

The two that should be checked are:

Allow software compression

There is also a button for TCP/IP settings. Click on this. Choose:
Server assigned IP address
Primary DNS server
Secondary DNS server
Tertiary DNS server (optional)
leave WINS blank.

Also check:

Allow IP header compression
Use default gateway

NOTE: Just a word about your Network Control Panel. This can be found in your Control panels on your Windows 95 or 98 system. We recommend that you have list as Network Components Installed:
Client for Microsoft networks
Dialup Adapter
We do not recommend you have NetBuei, IPX/SPX, AOL Adapters or other components with which you are unfamiliar.

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