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(Site that specializes in Celtic / Gaelic products and services. Celtic jewelry,food,tartans and more)

(Kentucky Celtic Festival and Highland Games, Hopkinsville Ky Aug 24-26)

A Bit O Blarney.com
(We deliver Irish smiles...minus the Irish miles...and that's no blarney!)

A bit O Irish, Sparrow's
(Welcome to Ireland. How shall we direct your visit?)

A Chip Off The Old Sod
(Keep your kids connected to Ireland!)

A Fire In The Head
(Celtic/Pagan Art and Psychic Readings by Rowan S. O'Dougherty)

A wee bit of Ireland, Anna's
(Lots of stuff about Ireland. Including blessings, sayings, history ...)

Abbey Pub & Restaurant
(The best in Irish Entertainment in Chicago)

Aberdeen Bagpipe Supply
(Retail bagpipe sales, North American agent for Dunfion Bagpipes. Houston, Texas)

Adirondack Pipes and Drums
(Fort Edward, New York, USA)

Adventure Ireland Program (ICC)
(Inviting American teenagers to experience the Irish way of life!)

(Traditional Irish and Celtic music)

(A peep inside her Secret Life in images, symbols, words and music)

Affordable Ireland
(Planning your perfect trip to the Emerald Isle. Presented by Michele Erdvig)

AFRC Pipe Band
(Robins AFB, Georgia, USA)

Áine Minogue Web Site
(Irish born harpist-singer-storyteller based in New England, USA)

Ain't Whistlin' Dixie
(penny whistle & ocarina)

Aisling Association of Celtic Tribes (AACT)
(A non-profit religious organization dedicated to the promotion and development of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism)

Aisling Gallery and framing, The
(Irish Art and Gifts from Ireland. Hingham, Massachusetts)

Akins and Clan Akins Society, The Clan
(Motto: "Time How Short")

Akron and District Pipe Band
(Akron, Ohio, USA)

Al Petteway Home Page
(Celtic guitarist)

Alabama Welsh Society
(A place for the Welsh of Alabama to gather and share stories, knowledge and general interest in all things Welsh and Celtic)

Alameda County Sheriff's Pipe Band
(Alameda County, California, USA)

Alaska Highlanders, The
(Anchorage, Alaska, USA)

Albany Police Pipes and Drums, The
(Albany, New York, USA)

Alice's Virtual Restaurant
(A little food for thought. Irish Buffet)

All-Ireland Graphics
(A Wee Bit Irish? Show off your proud heritage with our new "Counties of Ireland" T-shirts and Sweatshirts. Swanton, OH)

All Region Regimental Guard, The Pipes and Drums of the
(Indiana, USA)

Allegheny and District Pipe Band
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Allen Tefft: Celtic Harpmaker
(Custom orders specific to the harpist)

Alternate Music Press
(The Online Multimedia Magazine of New Music)

Amanda Fisher
(Celtic art and Portfolio)

American-Celtic Marketplace, The
(Brings the history, the flavour, the engaging Celtic experience to you to savour and relish)

American Celtic Pipe Band
(Lindenhurst, New York, USA)

American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS), The
(*No description*)

American Harp Page, The
(*No description*)

American Ireland Education Foundation / Political Education Committee (AIEF-PEC)
(*No description*)

American Irish Historical Society, The
(The story of the Irish in America)

American Scottish Foundation, The
(An introductory page, including contact and general information, for the American Scottish Foundation. Soon to have an official site on the Web)

(Producer of Ethnic American and Organizational American clothing and products)

Amerscot Highland Pipe Band
(Red Hook, New York, USA)

Amityville Highland Pipe Band
(Amityville, New York, USA)

An Comunn Gàidhealach America, Inc. (ACGA)
(The Gaelic Society of America)

An Doras
(The door, an American journal of Gaelic culture)

(quarterly magazine written in its entirety by Irish Republican POWs)

An Gorta Mor: The Great Irish Famine: Syllabus
(University of Wisconsin)

An Gorta Mor
(The Chicago Irish Famine Commemoration Committee)

(A network of people committed to the Trinitarian faith, together exploring Celtic Christian spirituality and the many gifts it offers the church and the world today)

Anamchara Celtic Church, The
(In the tradition of the ancient Celtic Church)

Anacortes Music Company
(Specialising in Celtic & Traditional Music)

(The Gaelic Conceptual Art Collective)

Ancient Circles
(Symbolic jewellery & Celtic reproductions)

Ancient Order of Hibernians in America National Web Page (AOH)
(*No description*)

Ancient Order of Hibernians Pipes and Drums
(Rockland County, New York, USA)

Ancient Pots
(Historical replicas of Celtic pieces. Newport, North Carolina)

Ancient Souls
(Celebrating the Spirit Within)

Ancient World Web: Main Index
(*No description*)

Anderson Society Home Page, The Clan
(*No description*)

Anthea Lawrence & bands
(An Irish fiddler based in Olympia, Washington)

Andy Cooney
(Irish American Showband from NY)

(*No description*)

Ann Arbor Highlanders Pipes and Drums
(Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)

Anne Roos, Celtic Harp Music by
(Uniquely elegant entertainment)

(Bay Area alternative Celtic music band)

Anril: Traditional Celtic Music

Antipypr and Friends Fan Page, The "First Official"
(Dedicated to Neil Anderson "The Antipypr" and the Full Circle Band)

ar dTeanga Fein
(Promoting the learning and use of the Irish language in Central New England)

Archaeology in Ireland: The Celtic High Cross
(Mike Carson's investigations of the Celtic High Cross in Clonmacnois; County Offalay, Ireland)

Archbishop Molloy High School Pipes and Drums
(Briarwood, New York, USA)

(Tours of Ireland, and information on Clan Cavanaugh/Kavanaugh)

Armory, Welcome to the
(Offering a huge collection of superbly crafted weapons and replicas from most every time period)

Armstrong Clan Society
(A society for all Armstrongs and associated families)

Arula Records Homepage
(Be your blessings bright or dark ... welcome. Trip the Dark Fantastic)

Aryeh Frankfurter
(Celtic Harper and multi-instrumentalist)

Ask The Ireland Bug
(Michele Erdvig presents ... Affordable Ireland: Planning Your Perfect Trip to the Emerald Isle)

Atholl Highlanders Pipes and Drums
(Lilburn, Georgia, USA)

Atlanta Celtic Connection
(Providing information and support for the Celtic community in Atlanta, GA and the Southeast)

Atlanta Pipe Band, The
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Atlantic Celtic Quarterly, The
(Provide information about Celtic Events in Atlanta and the Southeast and about our Celtic heritage)

Atlantic Ireland
(Bringing modern, high-quality printed products to the retail and Internet markets in the USA and Ireland. The first project, Contemplating Ireland, is an example of the level of quality and artistry they aim to produce)

Atlantic Shore
(Celtic music from Sebastopol, California)

Atlantic Watch, The Pipes and Drums of the
(Red Bank, New Jersey, USA)

(Rhode Island duo known for their inspired traditional Irish, Scottish, and English folk songs ... Shaker hymns, and sea shanties)

Avalon Rising
(An Oakland, California based band known for its unique sound - a blend of original rock, Celtic, and Medieval music)

A1 Irish Music
(Welcome To The World Of Celtic Music)

Baal Tinne
(Chicago based band that plays Irish music with Jazz and contemporary influences)

Badger Pipes and Drums
(UW, Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Bagpipe Web, The
(*No description*)

Bagpipe Web Directory, Bob Dunsire's
(Tons of piping related links, includes special features like web site of the week and viewer's choice awards)

(Providing news and information about bagpiping)

Bagpipes go to the movies
(Bagpipes as portrayed through the medium of film)

Bagpipes Unlimited
(Bagpipe music publishers)

(A hybrid of Punk, Oi, Celtic, Klezmer, World Beat, and whatever else strikes them)

Baltimore City Pipe Band
(Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Baltimore's Irish Festival and Community Portal
(For over 25 years ...)

(Home of Moonstone Circle - Ecofeminist Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans; *the death crones* - Pagan comic strip; Síla na Géige - Sheela na Gig research; Articles, satire, essays, invocations, reviews and original artwork. Webhome of authors Kathryn Price Theatana, Paul H. Pigman, and other members of the tribe)

Bannigan Artwork
(The digitally created, electronically printed Celtic artwork of Todd Hallock)

Barbarians on the Greek Periphery?
(Constanze Maria Witt's dissertation on the Origins of Celtic Art)

Bards, The
(Celtic folk music performers of Southampton, Massachusetts)

Bardsong Press
(Publisher of historical novels and poetry books with Celtic themes, particularly in medieval Welsh culture and Arthurian Britain)

Bare Knuckle Boxers
(Irish Jug Band and Howling Society based in Seattle, Washington)

Barking Monkeys
(Gaelic rock laced with acid and gallons of Guinness. Based in Seattle)

Barley Thar
(An acoustic Irish band from Tallahassee, Florida)

Barnaby the Scottie, King of the Couch
(A children's book written by D. Kaleen McWilliams, and beautifully illustrated by Patti Gunderson)

Barnegat Bay Pipe Band
(Southern New Jersey, USA)

(Imported from County Cork, Ireland)

Beat Smash Square
(Traditional Celtic and fusion music from a Colorado based quartet)

Bellingham Pipe Band, The
(Bellingham, Washington, USA)

Ben Ali Pipes and Drums
(Sacramento, California, USA)

Beni Kedem Highlanders Pipe Band
(Charleston, West Virginia, USA)

Bernadette McBride's Celtic Art
(Prints, cards and illuminated letters)

(The Midwest's Best Irish Music)

Beyond The Pale
(Celtic traditional and original acoustic music from a mid-Atlantic based group)

Biddy McGraws Irish Pub
(Portland, Oregon)

Big Plain Records
(Irish music in America)

Birmingham School of Celtic Arts
(Exploring our heritage through dance, music, song and the spoken word)

Birmingham Society of Piping
(Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

Bits of Britain
(Longing for those tasty delights from the Motherland? Waukesha, Wisconsin)

Bivan Brothers, The
(A Celtic hard rock band from Greenville, North Carolina)

Black '47
(Great preachers of Irish, History, culture and freedom)

Blackshade Net
(Irish music, culture, myths and stories)

(Philadelphia's finest in Irish entertainment)

(A five piece Celtic band that blends the traditional vocal and instrumental music of Ireland, Scotland and other gaelic-speaking people, with original compositions and arrangements rooted in the Celtic tradition)

Blackwater Pipe Band
(Lubbock, Texas, USA)

Blair Society, The Clan
(*No description*)

Blarney Brothers, The
(Fort Worth, Texas's only Celtic groove band)

Blarney Fest III
(Houston, Texas. The first Celtic Music Festival in cyberspace. August 31)

Blarney Star
(Weekly Friday night concerts of Irish traditional music in New York City)

Blarney Woollen Mills
(Classic Gifts from Ireland with free shipping on all Internet orders)

Bob Reeder and Blackthorn Records
(*No description*)

Bogfire Homepage
(Celebrating the Creative Spirit)

Boiled in Lead
(A Minneapolis based rock/folk band)

Boise Highlanders, Pipes and Drums of the
(Boise, Idaho, USA)

Bonbright Woolens
(Kiltie collars! Authentic Tartan Dress Dog Collars and Leashes)

Bonny Rideout
(One of the finest and most fiery Scottish fiddlers of our time)

Border Collies
(Contempoary Celtic band from Atlanta, Georgia)

Boston Gaelic Fire Brigade Pipes and Drums
(Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Boston Irish Reporter, The
(Your one-stop World Wide Web site for news from and about the Irish in Boston & New England)

Boston Police Gaelic Column Pipes and Drums
(Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Boston's Irish Cultural Center
(Developing site to promote the area's rich Irish heritage)

Boudica - Queen of the Iceni
(Music CD, Art and Script about Boudica Revolt, 61AD)

Brae Moor Scottish Dancers
(Highland dancing in Athens, Georgia)

(Celtic Jewelry: bracelets,hairclips,earrings-medieval,pagan,renaissance)

Bread Pudding
(An Indianapolis based group playing Celtic tunes and a broad range of British and American folk tunes)

Brendan McCloud
(Celtic pop rock music from an American artist hailing from Council Bluffs, Iowa)

Brendan Nolan
(Blessed with a rich Irish Voice and an Irish way with words)

Brendan O'Loughlin
(Irish born singer/songwriter based in America)

Bretons of Northern California
(Association des Bretons de la Californie du Nord)

Bridge Gap Ceili Band
(Irish traditional music for set dances. Based in San Francisco)

Brigade of Midshipmen, The Pipes and Drums of the
(USNA, Annapolis, Maryland, USA)

Brigadoon Designs
(Scottish clan badge shirts)

(A traditional Celtic trio based in Richmond, Virginia)

Brigid's Cross
(Traditional, contemporary & original Celtic songs/tunes from a Cleveland, Ohio based band)

Brigit's Temple Products
(Specializing in the finest Fantasy, Celtic and Pagan t-shirt designs. Dayton, Ohio)

Bringers, The
(Traditional and contemporary Celtic folk music in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area)

Briona Anlon Imports
(Featuring Historically Accurate Jewelry designs, with emphasis on Celtic and Viking Jewelry, as well as, Handcrafted Imported Clothing, Hand-loomed Irish Wool Sweaters, Curios and Home Decor)

British Books@American Prices
(*No description*)

British Heritage Gifts & Accents
(Celebrating the rich history, culture and folklore of the British Isles with distinctive gifts, collectibles and home accessories. Collierville, Tennessee)

British Isles Gifts
(Imported gifts from England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Waynesville, Ohio)

Brobdingnagian Bards
(Celtic Renaissance Bard Tales from Austin, Texas musicians and bards)

(Celtic, Renaissance & Medieval music quartet based in the San Francisco Bay Area)

Broesler School of Irish Dance, The Kevin
(Including North American and World results)

(A Florida based group. Performs original and traditional music and song with a distinct British Isles style)

Broome County Celtic Pipes & Drums
(Binghamton, New York, USA)

Browne Jenkyn page, The
(Celtic folk music from a New Jersey based band)

Buchan Clan Association, The (official homepage)
(*No description*)

Buchanan Clan Society International Inc., The
(Founded in 1970 at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games)

Buddy O'Reilly Band , The
(Celtic band from Atlanta, Georgia)

Bungle Rye
(This group performs an extensive and varied repertoire of traditional Celtic songs from Ireland and Scotland)

Bydand - Steadfast
(Billy G. Adams' site presents information on the House of Gordon, his West Coast Scottish Community project, and more ...)

BYU Pipe Band
(Provo, Utah, USA)

Cady Finlayson
(New York based Irish fiddler)

Caislean O'hOdhrain, or Horan's Castle
(A meeting place for members of the clann)

Caledonian Pipes and Drums
(Buffalo, New York, USA)

Caledonian Pipes of Baton Rouge
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA)

Caledonian Society of Arizona, The
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

(Playing an eclectic Celtic-centered blend of music and branching out from there)

Caleigh Capes
(Custom-crafted wool capes in a classic Celtic style. Bemidji, Minnesota)

California Cornish Cousins
(An organization founded to stimulate interest in Cornish Culture, preserve Cornish heritage, and share the related family histories and genealogy)

California Summer School of Piping, Seamus MacNeill's
(June 19 - 27, 1998. Carlsbad, California)

Callahan Family Center, The Clan
(Callaghan, Callahan, O'Callaghan & other spellings)

Calaveras Celtic Faire
(Northern California's oldest and largest Celtic Faire occuring on the weekend closest to St. Patrick's Day. Calaveras County, California)

Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band
(San Diego County, California, USA)

Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Cameron Online, Clan (North America)
(*No description*)

Campbell of Argyll, Clan
(Motto: "Do Not Forget")

Campbell Society (North America), Clan
(*No description*)

(A learning library of bardic music)

Cape-Atlantic Police and Fire Irish Pipe Brigade
(Cape May and Atlantic Counties, New Jersey, USA)

Capital City Pipes and Drums
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Capital District Highland Games
(September 4-5, 1999. Altamont, New York)

Capital Scot, The
(For Scots and Scots at heart living and working in the Washington, DC area)

Capitol City Highlanders Pipe Band
(Austin, Texas, USA)

Capitol City Junior Pipe Band
(Olympia, Washington, USA)

Cariad Fine Jewelry
(The silver and gold hand engravings of Rick Deeks)

Carl Peterson
(Scottish Folksinger based in Berks County, Pennsylvania)

Carleen Frazier-Adlam
(The Scottish fiddling of an Tulsa, Oklahoma artist)

Carnegie Mellon Pipes and Drums
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Carstarphen Family Homepage
(*No description*)

Casey Neill
(Radical Environmentalist Rock Music)

Castle Keep
(New Jersey's premier English & Celtic music duo since 1981)

CastleTown Press Home Page
(Irish-American news source. Includes a History of the Sullivan/O'Sullivan Clan home page)

Castlebay Recordings
(Traditional & Original Maine Music. Celtic Harp Music)

Cat Taylor & Fiddler's Fancy
(Celtic music in the San Francisco Bay Area)

Catawba Valley Scottish Society
(Loch Norman Highland Games. April 17-19/1998)

Cathy Britell's Musical Page

CCE-Comhaltas Home Page
(*No description*)

(The World's largest music store)

C. E. Kron & Co
(Highland Bagpipe Makers. Dobbs Ferry, NY)

Ceili House Band, The
(Irish traditional music from a Redlands, California based band)

Ceili Rain
(A Celtic-flavored rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee)

Céli Dé Books & Gifts
(Medford, Oregon)

Celtica's Call
(Bagpipes of the Isles. For all your bagpiping needs. Loveland, Colorado)

Celtic Aire Home Page
(Celtic Rock band; based in Chicago)

Celtic and Folk Music in Alaska
(*No description*)

Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews, Kevin McCarthy's
(Devoted to reviewing Celtic music CDs and folk music CDs and making their reviews available to the public)

Celtic and Heraldic Centre
(Louisville, Kentucky)

Celtic Art Glass Inc, Welcome to
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Celtic Art & Design
(The artwork of artist and musician Cindy Matyi)

Celtic Arts Center, The
(Located in North Hollywood, California)

Celtic Arts Gallery, Welcome to the
(Located at 24-15 Long Island City, Queens, NY 11101)

Celtic Attic
(Earth Products, Spiritual and Olde World links, All Celtic and Treasures!)

(Crafts for the Irish Castle. Glenside, Pennsylvania)

Celtic Bash New Year's 99, Velvet's
(Honor and Blood, Friends!)

CelticBug's Corner of the Web
(Celtic heritage, original artwork, and ladybugs)

Celtic Castle
(Treasures of Ireland & Scotland. Cherry Hill, NJ)

Celtic Cauldron, The
(Epona's Celtic Pagan site)

Celtic Clan
(An Irish/popular music band based in Boston, Massachusetts)

Celtic Clan Webcastle, The
(All things Celtic, Irish or Scottish from Joseph Ledford, high chief of the clan McJoey)

Celtic Classic
(The Annual 1998 Celtic Classic Highland Games & Festival in Historic Bethlehem, PA. Sept 25-27)

Celtic Confederates Homepage
(A Quake Clan of Southern warriors of Celtic descent. Dixie Go Braugh!)

Celtic Confusion
(Traditional music from a Fairbanks, Alaska band)

Celtic Connection
(Denver, Colorado's connection to all things Celtic)

Celtic Connection
(A retail gift shop providing customers with a wide selection of products from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and other Celtic nations. Lexington, Virginia)

Celtic Connection
(You've come to the right place for a great selection of the Emerald Isle's best music, clothing, jewelry, crafts, books, videos and gifts)

Celtic Connection Pipes and Drums
(Georgia, USA)

Celtic Connection, The
(Friday mornings from 6-8am on WSMU 91.1FM, North Dartmouth, MA)

Celtic Connection LC, The
(Importers that Offer World Wide Service of Fine Celtic Products! Bagpipes, kilts, ... Fredericksburg, Virginia)

Celtic Connections
(WMRD 1150 AM Middletown, CT or WLIS 1420 AM Old Saybrook, CT. Sundays at 9:00 AM and Saturdays at 1:00 PM)

Celtic Connections
(A weekly public radio presentation produced in the studios of WSIU-FM on the campus of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and syndicated to stations via the public radio satellite system by WCLV/Seaway Productions, Cleveland, Ohio)

Celtic Corner
(Original designs inspired by the art of the Celts by Alastair Luke)

Celtic Creations
(Celtic glass creations by Martin McElhone)

Celtic Croft
(Authentic Celtic Collectibles and Handmade Imports from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Ridgefield, CT)

Celtic Cross
(Homepage of New York's party band)

Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums Band
(Peoria, Illinois, USA)

Celtic Cross-Roads
(Hosted by Seamiuse, Mark & Brian on 88.7FM, WJCU, Cleveland. Sundays 7-9 PM)

Celtic Crossings
(Irish traditional music for all occasions. Northern California)

Celtic Cultures
(Store for all things Celtic. Bellows Falls, VT)

Celtic Curlies and Tames Alan's Living History Lectures
(*No description*)

Celtic Designs
(Custom designed eternal classics wedding rings)

Celtic Dragon
(Traditional Accoustic Celtic Band based in St. Augustine, Florida)

Celtic Dream Tours Inc.
(Scotland as you've never seen it before!)

Celtic Exchange, Welcome to the
(Promoting young Celtic craftspeople that specialize in pre-seventh century Celtic and Pictish designs on various mediums. Lewisburg, PA)

Celtic Fantasies
(Renaissance Clothing and Costumes)

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar
(by Pat Kirtley)

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Page
(by Art Edelstein)

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Page
(by Glenn Weiser)

Celtic Fire, Ltd
(A bagpipe specialty store in Plymouth, Massachusetts)

Celtic Furniture
(By Gabriel McKeagney, a village carpenter)

Celtic Garden, A
(Sundays at 1:00PM on WJJG 1530 AM in Chicago, Illinois. Hosted by Annie Flatley)

Celtic Green
(Six nations, one soul. A site to learn about Celtic history and culture)

Celtic Guitar
(A gathering place for guitarists whose work is firmly rooted in traditional Celtic music)

Celtic Heart
(A site providing broad coverage of the Celtic people; past and present)

Celtic Heart
(A hybrid of traditional/contemporary Irish and American folk music from a California Bay area band)

Celtic Heritage Cruise
(Be on board for the most Celtic fun this side of the Atlantic. Soak in the sun, history, and culture of the Celtic Nations as you cruise the Caribbean with Danny O'Flaherty, the Celtic Balladeer, and his special guest entertainers. February 3-10/2001)

Celtic High
(Your source for Celtic Music on the Web. Mustang, Oklahoma)

Celtic Imports
(Exciting products from unique Celtic denim to selections of oil lamps. Columbus, Ohio)

Celtic Jewelry by Reflective Images, Inc
(Gold and sterling silver jewelry based on spiritual Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Byzantine and Asian knot work motifs)

Celtic Journeys
(Providing an exceptional service representing quality hotels, transportation, visitor attractions and destination management companies in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales)

Celtic Lace
(Don Henderson Graphic Design)

Celtic Lady's Index, The
(Art, Fonts & Fine Jewelry . . . inspired by the ancient Celts to create modern Celtic art)

Celtic Lady's Shop, The
(Featuring the fine Celtic Jewelry of Brittany Butler)

Celtic Marketplace
(The resource for Celtic products and magickal merchandise featuring handmade crafts and imports from the U.K, trade and retail distribution of quality goods. Pismo Beach, California)

Celtic Music Legends in Concert
(Fairbanks, Alaska. August 12, 1998)

(Celtic Music on the Internet)

Celtic Nations Heritage Festival
(October 28-29, 2000. Marconi Meadow, City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana)

Celtic Nations World
(Special ways to explore our cultural heritage through Celtic festivals, music, books, clothes, food, videos, tours, gifts and links)

Celtic Nots
(Celtic World Music from a West Coast based band)

Celtic Orthodox ULC Church
(A return to the Old Christian Church of the time of St. Patrick, and the other saints of Celtic lore. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)

Celtic Page, Sandie and James'
(Featuring the Celts through art in time)

Celtic Page, Sara's
(Snippets of Celtic folklore, music, etc ... and links to other Celtic sites)

Celtic Photos and Crafts
(One of the largest Welsh importing companies in the USA and Canada)

Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii
(Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)

Celtic Princess
(Intially dedicated to America's Greatest Gymnast, male or female, Shannon Miller)

Celtic Regional Arts Institute of California (C.R.A.I.C)
(*No description*)

Celtic+Renaissance Jewelry
(High quality Irish Silver and Gold Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings)

Celtic Republic of Appalachia
(Preserving and celebrating Celtic culture in the Appalachian region of the USA. The Celts shall rise again!)

Celtic Rock
(A site devoted to Celtic Rock music with emphasis on the Scottish flavor)

Celtic Rosary
(Original artisan devotionals. Wrentham, Massachusetts)

Celtic Rose
(Celtic Jewelry and other Fine Accessories)

Celtic Seasons
(A musical extravaganza, where Celtic music from the past, present and future is portrayed by three distinct bands)

Celtic Shamrock, Welcome to
(The only IRISH Import shop in Southeastern Michigan!)

Celtic Signs
(Hand-carved wooden signs using Irish half-uncial lettering and Celtic knots. Deep Gap, North Carolina)

Celtic Society of the Ozarks, Welcome to the
(*No description*)

Celtic Society of the Western Slope of Colorado
(*No description*)

Celtic Soul
(A Celtic-flavoured Rock-N-Soul band from Jacksonville, Florida)

Celtic Spirit
(The Celtic Jewellery store)

Celtic Spirituality at the Chalice Center
(An online resource for Celtic spirituality with Mara Freeman)

Celtic Studies by Christopher Gwinn
(An Introduction to the Language and Culture of the Ancient Celts)

Celtic Studies Program at U.C. Berkeley
(A degree program in the Department of Scandinavian at the University of California, Berkeley. Its purpose is to bring together faculty and students with interests in the cultures, languages, literature, and history of the Celtic regions)

Celtic Stuff, Ditch's
(Links and the Wooing of Etain)

Celtic Travel, Inc.
(A dynamic, innovative, full-service travel management company specializing in travel to Ireland and Europe)

Celtic Treasures!
(O'Donnell's Irish Imports, Inc.)

(Music. The Arts. The Internet. The World)

CELTIC VISION - The Irish Channel
(*No description*)

Celtic Voyage
(Fridays 8-10 am WHUS Radio 91.7 FM. UConn, Storrs, Connecticut)

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