Altar at Imbolc, 1999
Altar for the Imbolc ritual put on by the Temple of Brigantia, Stockton Springs, January 1999, as part of the EarthTides Pagan Network's annual Cabin-Fever Pagan Retreat.

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Maine Pagan Resource Page

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EarthTides Pagan Network News
P.O. Box 161, East Winthrop, ME 04343-0161. $11/year; single copy $1.50 with SASE. Maine's longest-running Pagan publication, this newsletter is part of an organization aimed at helping Maine groups and solitaries find community. Features include statewide contact list and events calendar. Submissions or questions may be sent via e-mail
Di Veteres
497 Cumberland Ave. Apt. 5, Portland, ME 04101. Published by Kin of the Old Gods Coven in Portland, this newsletter discusses Pagan issues, faith and history.


Maine Pagan Coffee Talks
There are currently three monthly coffee talks in various parts of the state. Check this page for contact information and details.
Other events
See the EarthTides newsletter, or check the Maine page at The Witches' Voice.


Maine Pagan Mailing List
Subscribe to Maine Pagan Mailing List
mepagan archive Hosted by
Known affectionately as MEP, this list provides an electronic forum for Maine Pagans and those interested in their doings. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to
Spiraling Shadows
A Wiccan list based in nearby New Hampshire. Sign up at the Spiraling Shadows Web page.

Maine Pagans Online

Temple of Brigantia
Information on Classical-Celtic Wicca from a partnership offering open Full Moons and apprenticeships.
Immanent Grove
A Pagan group in central Maine. Check here for the latest on their battle to win a sales-use tax exemption from the state.
Kin of the Old Gods Coven
Past issues of the Di Veteres newsletter, information on Pre-Revivalist Wicca and recommended links.
Ann Marie's Tangled Web
Excellent list of Tarot and Pagan links, plus annotated Pagan book lists.
The personal page of Richard Grant, author of "Tex and Molly in the Afterlife," and "In the Land of Winter." Currently contains interesting information from Richard's exploration of Asatru (Norse Paganism).
Iseum of the Hidden Mysteries
Home page for an eclectic group in southern Maine. Includes rituals and other information.
Acadia's Cottage in Kianda's Cove
A fun and fanciful site. Don't miss the Kitties Corner. Also includes information on seasonal festivals.
Lorelei Greenwood
Page includes information on festivals plus Pagan links and humor.

Student Groups

Note: Collegiate Pagan groups tend to be short-lived; once the motivated people graduate, the group falls away. If there's a Pagan group at your school, please consider getting involved; your work will help the next Pagan to arrive on campus.

Pagan Student Association
A Pagan education and networking group at the University of Southern Maine (Portland/Gorham).
The Collective for Insight, Refuge, and Celebration of Life Experience is open to Colby College students and community members. Site includes an interesting list of divination links.
UMO Pagan Campus Organization
A group of eclectic individuals whose events include potlucks and a Beltane maypole.

Commercial (Pagan-friendly businesses in Maine)

All area codes are 207 and all states are ME unless otherwise noted.
Maypole at Popham Beach, 1997
EarthTides Pagan Network members and friends
raise the maypole at Popham Beach, Phippsburg
Beltane 1997
Michael Berube photo
Apple Valley Books
Located in Winthrop, this locally owned general-interest bookstore has excellent Pagan resources, and offers a discount for Pagans and e-mail orders. Site includes a good list of Maine books.
Michael E. Berube, Photographer
Certified professional service for any photographic need.
Bradford Copy Center
Route 1, Wells. 641-COPY or e-mail Color copies, blueprint copies, self-service copiers, inexpensive phone cards, fax service, business cards and more.
Craftwise Creations
Gorgeous quilts and whimsical pottery from a pair of Pagans.
Great Goddess Press
Publisher of "The Goddess Workbook"; site includes a sample chapter and related links.
Silo 7
7 Bomarc Road, Building 7, Bangor. Phone 942-5590, Metaphysical books, jewelry, workshops and more. A valued resource for the Bangor area.
Imperium Ancient Arts
A resource for affordable artifacts of past cultures.
Mainely Magick
Jewelry and ritual gear, astrological charts, new and used books.
Gypsy Rose's Custom Jewelry and Chain Mail
Pagan jewelry by a former Mainer; for less spiritual work, see Che' Designs.
The Sewing Room
Acadia Elle's original ritual robes and capes.
Kathy Burns, licensed massage therapist
367 Rte. 1 Falmouth, 781-5540 or e-mail A variety of massage and therapies to relax, attune and heal the body and spirit.
Dragon of the Mist
5 East Concourse, Waterville 04901. Phone 873-7776. Witchcraft supplies, books, robes, capes and more.

Links I like

The Witches' Voice
An incredible resource for contacts, information and events.
Tuath nan Sgáthan
New Hampshire Celtic Reconstructionist group has a page with New England Pagan links.
World Pagan Network
Send Ceile e-mail saying where you are, and you'll get a response with Pagan contacts in your area.
The Witches' Web of Days
What God or Goddess is celebrated today? Find out here.
Pagan Manners
A helpful guide for the ritual-goer.
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
An excellent resource on the beliefs of many paths, including Pagan ones.

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