in and out of the garden

If you want garden and gardening related links, you have definitely come to the right place.  Get the coffee pot and plug it in right near your computer, maybe some snacks too, you're gonna be here a while. Don't get lost, and be sure to bookmark anything you like!
My favorite place to visit:   (thank you, Spike)

Other wonderful places...
The Language of Flowers  The Massachusetts Horticultural Society
Can't decide what to plant? This place can help! The Directory for all things gardening... 
Mindspring's Gardening Manual Theme Gardens to try
Traditional Gardening An English Country Garden 
Smith and Hawken White Flower Farm
Vesey's Seeds- a great source for Nothern   Gardeners The Herb Fest of Louisiana 
Algy's Herb Page  Herbal Resources Home Page 
Rasland Farm  Seeds of Change
Spring Hill Suite 101
A medicinal herb garden The Garden Gates "The Holding Bed"  More links!!! 
Graceful Gardens- cottage garden suppliers How to make a butterfly garden
Theme gardens you can visit Hardiness zones
The compost resources page Gardening safety tips
Slugs, what garden is complete without them?

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