Crafts and pastimes...
This page is dedicated to Linda Mc, who said she'd go crazy if I added a crafts page. I only did it with the intention  of keeping her busy til she can put the garden links to work! :-)
That Home Site: Sewing, Quilting and Needlework
That Home Site: Crafts and Decorations
The Garden Web: Garden & Flower Crafts
Pysanky Eggs- complements of Bill-  these are gorgeous..
How to make Pysanky
The Creative Side- More Pysanky
World Crafts- an online supplier of already made eggs and other interesting items 
Michael's Arts and Crafts Store: Projects
A world of Crafts
Aunt Annie's
Polymer Clay Links
More Polymer Clay
 And More Polymer Clay  (I really like this stuff)
You guessed it! More Polymer Clay
Now here!! How  to make rose beads! Click on the faery to help you find the way!


page updated 5.25.98