Our Wedding  
 This picture was taken at our wedding. We were married at an antique covered bridge. My parents are with us in this picture.

This was also taken at our wedding. We are with hubby's parents here.
The person with us here is our friend that is partly responsible for introducing us.  His wife is the other half of the responsible party...  He is also the J.P. that married us. We thought it was appropriate that he perform the ceremony.

These two wonderful ladies are my husband's grandmothers. The one on the right was my bridesmaid...

If you look real close here, you can see the ribbon embroidery and beading that I did on my dress.... it took 4 months and was well worth it.  My dress was made of ivory silk... His suit- JC Penney.  The tie- Winnie the Pooh and friends... The smooch- fantastic.

(last updated 5.24.98)